Aaron Eidelson graduated in law at University of Melbourne, passed the Israel Bar Exam and prosecuted for 8 years for the Jerusalem Police. That was followed by over 8 years at the Victoria Bar, 4 years teaching Constitutional Law at Deakin University and 16 years in private general practice.  Add to that a Masters in Law from Monash, a Masters in Education (Arts Management) a Graduate Diploma in Education ( Monash) and Diploma in Music Performance ( Jazz/Popular) ….and you are nearly there.

Aaron has significant experience in criminal law and family law. He also practices in commercial law.

In 2017 Aaron successfully defended a client on trial in the Supreme Court of the ACT and he won numerous appeals in the Melbourne County Court.

Aaron is married and has five children ranging from 29 to 2 years old. He is a birdman enthusiast and his favourite sport is skydiving.